Nottingham to Newark 50 Miles

Nottingham to Newark

I learned a number of things about cycling today on my round trip from Nottingham to Newark

1. Cycling up hills is not fun

2. Cycling into wind is not fun

3. Cycling up hills into wind causes me to cry uncontrollably like a big baby

At the end of my second week of training this cycle was a tremendous test of my fitness and resolve. A little over 25 miles each way; across rolling hills, windy country lanes and pothole-ridden tracks, this is probably the closest I’ve come to simulating the challenge of a cycling sportive.

I had to dig pretty deep for this one and it’s touch-and-go if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow. With that said I’m very proud of myself for pushing on and getting the job done.  Below you can find a map of my route and my splits for each leg of the cycle.

Nottingham to Newark

Map showing my route from Nottingham to Newark

Screenshot 2014-03-15 16.38.04

Nottingham to Newark

Screenshot 2014-03-15 16.37.13

Newark to Nottingham

My inability to smile in photos prevails, at least I have an excuse for these two.